Monday, December 6, 2010


I am so excited to announce that CSN contacted me to do a review on one of their stores.

Many months ago I won a $40.00 GC for CSN from another blog. To tell you the truth I never gave it much tought, I did not go and checked them out and made a purchase. However, we all know times are tough for everyone with this economy so with Christmas coming up I was kind of worry of how I was going to buy my son a decent present.

I must tell you I was really surprise with their selection of toys specially. There were many I like but then I found The Leapfrog Zippity Learning System

Last year I went crazy trying to find a good deal for this but I didn't and now thanks to CSN and the GC I will pay less than $50.00 which is awesome.
This toy is great because it will help him learn so many things with his favorite Disney charaters while he is jumping & dancing... It will get him tired for mommy too LOL
Since the toy search had a good outcome I decided to check for other things. My sister is getting my mother a flat TV this year and to make it a complete present I will buy a TV Stand for Flat Screens for her.
I will love to get her

Lets see what Santa brings her this year!!!
***I was given a $35.00 GC from CSN to do a review their site. However, everything is solely my opinion***

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello. I'm writing to you because I just found out that our troops overseas can use expired coupons for up to 6 months "after the expiration date"... They can also use un -expire coupons (please send your expire coupons plus the ones that you will not use)

This is so cool because they do so much for all and this (since we all collect coupons) will be a great way to help them

I am willing to ship the coupons to them in a flat rate USPS envelope if you send yours to me... I have a lot that I collected on my own but not enough to fill an envelope... You can help me by sorting them into food and non food items

If interested, please contact me by email and I will send you my address or you can collect them on your won and mail to them... is up to you, any help is appreciated!!!!

The one that I picked to send my coupons is:

Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society

PSC 819, Box 2002

FPO AE 09645

You can go to to find out more info
Thank you so much

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Nutritionist: $125.00 Azuri Shawl Giveaway

here ends 09/22

Why do I want to win the KINDLE!!!

I want to win the KINDLE for my little sister... that girl can read books, she always has one with her (reads in the car, seats on a little corner if we go shopping, etc)... She will be so happy... Her bday was a few days ago and this will be the perfect present for her...

You can try to win one now here... Bitten by Books is offering this for BLOGMANIA

Friday, September 10, 2010


Good morning. I went crazy yesterday searching the internet for next weeks store's circulars but I did not find them... I remember months ago I found a website that had circulars for the next 2 or 3 weeks but now I cannot find it... Does any of you know about any website where I can find them? Any help is very well appreciated it

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Missing in Action

I've been very busy lately with work and doing shores around the house. As well as spending time with my baby (he is finish with summer camp) but I should be back posting giveaways from all the blogs that I follow to make it easier for you to have a chance to win them too ...If I don't win them I will like one of you to win!!!

I won a lot of giveaways this past week... I think I will start letting you know the ones that I win and you can link to my postings to let me know if you won one of the ones that I posted... It would be fun to know

Excuse me if I misspelled something or if I'm not making my toughts clear, my son is climbing up my back now and I cannot think straight... To that add that english is not my first language lol